One man’s trash is another man’s treasure


Massaro CM Services, Fox Chapel Area School District, and Construction Junction are teaming up on the District’s High School renovation project to maximize an opportunity to generate recycled content.

Fox Chapel Area School District is currently embarking on a $25 million renovation and new additions project at their high school. The vast majority of the project is focused on a comprehensive interior renovation. Massaro and the District are working with Construction Junction to ensure that many of the items scheduled for demolition do not end up as land fill.

Construction Junction conducted a survey of the high school and developed a list of items they want to remove from the project during the demolition phase. These items include ceiling tiles, sky lights, lockers, pool equipment, doors, and bathroom accessories. Construction Junction will work closely with the General Contractor Prime to coordinate the removal of these materials. Per the contract documents, some materials will be removed by the Prime Contractor and placed in an on-site storage container. Other items, which require a more careful and thoughtful hand, will be removed by Construction Junction’s Deconstruction team.

The goal of this program is to give Construction Junction the opportunity to divert as much material as possible from landfills. By allowing them to work closely with the District, Architect and Massaro, hundreds if not thousands of pounds of material will be diverted from dumpsters to their facility, located in North Point Breeze. Once in their showroom, these materials will be sold to institutions or individuals for adaptive reuse. The funds generated by these sales are used to support the programs and other efforts of Construction Junction.

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Article by Dan Kiefer, Director of Preconstruction

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