Hearing the customer’s voice… or quack?

PSU_Brent Michaels and ducks

Part of our mission is to develop lasting relationships with our customers and build stronger communities.

One of our team mates, Brent Michaels, is learning that sometimes fulfilling this mission comes in unexpected forms.

Brent is the site manager covering the heating system conversion to hot water at Penn State University‘s North Henderson Building. Brent’s daily duties include coordinating furniture moving and temporary office relocations for our customers as the abatement, piping and restoration work proceeds on a weekly cycle through the building. During one of Brent’s first Monday morning reports to the occupants, he was explaining the work schedule for the upcoming week—when he was interrupted by the group. They wanted him to first follow them outside to meet the first building occupant who had priority for accommodations.

To Brent’s surprise his customers now include the family of wood ducks pictured above. These ducks are native to the area and take up residence each spring and summer around the Henderson Buildings. This family decided that the enclosed back courtyard of Brent’s assigned building made a good home, so now they’ve earned the title of “customers.” As requested by our Penn State University friends, Brent’s daily duties now include getting the ducks out of the courtyard, sharing a bag of bread for breakfast, and reporting back to the North Henderson folks that all is well. This report is due even before they want to know whether or not they can get back into their own offices that week!

Thanks to Brent for going above and beyond in service to our customers – no matter what species!

Kevin Nestor

Article by Kevin Nestor, Senior Project Manager

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