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In our ongoing journey to excellence, Massaro is exploring and field-testing a number of initiatives to improve project delivery results.

The recent surge of interest nationally in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has led large portfolio holders to begin taking a closer look at key IPD principles and strategies. In early case studies enhanced collaboration is frequently cited as a major contributing factor in attaining better outcomes. Penn State University’s Office of Physical Plant and Department of Architectural Engineering are engaging industry leaders and project delivery teams in developing, facilitating and evaluating collaborative tools and techniques.

At the new Health and Human Development (HHD) building project at the University Park campus, ‘full’ IPD was not an option due to funding source contracting limitations. However, in support of the Owner’s vision, we are leading the project team to deploy a number of IPD-inspired initiatives including:

• Project Coaching – facilitating collaborative process and gathering feedback

• Project Visioning – capturing and sharing the client’s ‘story’, development of consensus-based Key-Performance Indicators (KPI) and creating leading team goals

• PIM Process Improvements – enhanced collaboration in Project Information Management (PIM)

• BIM-enabled collaboration – building element coordination, clash detection, development of a fully enriched model

• Colocation Field Office – gathering all Prime Contractors, the Architect, Massaro and the Owner under one roof

• Empowering the Field – Leadership in safe and efficient placement of work driven up from the field, rather than down from the office.

• Research/Response – PIM data analysis and 360 Team Surveys to measure and respond to opportunities for improvement during project delivery.

Massaro welcomes the challenges of breaking new ground with our clients, diligently striving to establish and reinforce lasting relationships. The concrete foundations for HHD are being placed now and steel will be starting soon. The entire project team is steadily forming an effective partnership that will enable successful delivery. Check back for updates on these initiatives as we go along.

Are you working on ‘IPD-ish’ projects? Share in the comments below.

Article by Dave Parker AIA, NCARB, Project Manager

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