Outreach at Massaro began with my Father

Pictured from left to right: Steven, David, and Carol Massaro. (Photo credit: Saihou Njie)

Pictured from left to right: Steven, David, and Carol Massaro. (Photo credit: Saihou Njie)

During the 135th Anniversary Gala for Three Rivers Youth, my father and Massaro Corporation were honored during the induction into the Three Rivers Youth Hall of Fame.

More than $130,000 was raised for homeless children and struggling families. For a moment I stopped and took pause. It was heart-warming to see the amount of people supporting this deserving cause. I thought about the amount of real people this beautiful event positively affects, and of course I then thought about my father and how proud he would be to have been honored at such an event.

As a young boy growing up on Larimer Avenue, my dad and my uncles would sit around the dinner table along with my grandmother listening to my grandfather’s story about his day at work as a stonemason. From those family dinners, my father learned about hard work and the importance of giving back and helping others. This is where it started; the values I hold so dear were instilled in me by my father and his father before him. Joe Massaro, Jr is a man who always went out of his way to help people, especially young people. He loved what he did and really wanted to guide our youth into careers in construction. So at an event such as this, I’m reminded of the legacy he started and the importance of helping our community and especially our young people.

I know I speak for my brothers and sister when I say that the spirit of community is part of our mission and is at the core of our company and our families. We will continue to support our communities and also help those especially the youth develop careers which they can be proud of in the construction industry. Outreach is a philosophy embedded into our day-to-day lives as a company and family by my mother and father. So thank you, to my parents for instilling these values and guiding us to continue my father’s legacy.

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Article by Steven Massaro, Senior Vice President

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