The Owner’s Vision

All construction projects start with the Owner and their desire to build.

Their vision for the project is relayed to a team of designers and ultimately contractors to bring that vision to reality. Along the way many groups are involved as part of the project team. Having a clear understanding of “why are we building this” is important to a high functioning team.

Penn State University has pushed Massaro to implement Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) type methods such as co-location, team collaboration and pull planning on a low bid multi-prime project. Part of this approach is engaging the project team and making clear the importance of the project to the end users. The video shown above was developed in collaboration between the Owner, Architect, and Construction Manager as the way to pass along Penn State University’s vision of the Health and Human Development (HHD) Building project.

The College of Health and Human Development, led by Dean Nan Crouter, has utilized the video to educate current and potential faculty, staff, students and researchers on their future facility. The construction project team has utilized this to explain and hopefully inspire those involved on why the HHD Building is important. It has been shown in the project meetings and to incoming on-site labor forces. A good project team will have the common goal of fulfilling the owner’s vision.

Would you consider creating a similar video illustrating the Owner’s vision for your construction project?


Article by Tim Jones, Project Manager

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  1. Gene Laratonda says:

    This is great; very well put together Tim! This is very inspiring to anyone looking to utilize the 21st century digital tools in their toolbelt to speak volumes to all parties involved.

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