Performance Excellence: Aiming to do Everything We Do, Better.


‘If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to have the time to re-do it?”

(old construction saying)


As everyone paying any amount of attention these days knows, time is a fleeting commodity. “Time flies” is the understatement of our times. In this fast paced world, we have to seek ways to deliver what our customers want, when they want it, at the quality they deserve, without mistakes. Our commitment to performance excellence is aimed at doing everything we do better in order to deliver on that promise. In a fragmented industry with hyper competition, shrinking margins, high risk, and significant variability among projects, this is no small task. But we have no choice. If we are going to succeed in these uncertain times and build a sustainable company, we have to find a way.

It is up to every one of us to accept personal responsibility for the success of ourselves and the success of the company. No team can win over the long haul without positive contributions from all team members; without a commitment to continuous improvement and personal learning; without an engaged workforce and loyal customers; without knowing what is important, where it is headed and how it is going to get there.

We are on a well-traveled path to excellence. It is not an easy path, but those who have traveled it before us have achieved outstanding results, so we are following in their footsteps. Although not easy, the formula is pretty simple. Decide what’s important (these are non-negotiable), establish a vision, develop a plan to get there, focus on action and go.

One need not look much further than the Pittsburgh Pirates for proof that an unwavering commitment to a well thought out plan, regardless of short term setbacks, can produce outstanding results. The current Pirate leadership took a lot of heat, but they persevered and stayed on plan. After 20 consecutive losing seasons, they take the field in a little more than an hour from now in their second playoff series. Go Bucs!


Joe Massaro III

Article by Joseph Massaro III, President & COO

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