City of Pittsburgh - Facilities Analysis and Management Plan

Massaro CM Services and Massaro Properties, LLC are conducting a comprehensive facility management study for the City of Pittsburgh that will take into consideration current and future space needs. This comprehensive study will evaluate the city’s approximate 300 structures that total more than 2.1 million square feet of building space. These buildings range from the City-County Building on Grant Street to numerous shelters found in city parks.

The study encompasses three parts:

Phase I Optimization Plan – Massaro, in consultation with the City’s staff, will develop recommendations for the consolidation of City locations, services and functions using cost-benefit analysis for upgrading facilities as opposed to relocating services.

Phase II Space Utilization Plan – As directed by the city, Massaro will develop a detailed building cost analysis, energy assessment, building code analysis and LEED certification analysis for selected buildings.

Phase III Preventive Maintenance Master Plan – Massaro, in consultation with the City’s staff, will develop third-party software products. These software products will aid the city with data collection, management, and review protocols for the administration of a long-term facility management and maintenance program for its real estate portfolio.

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"During the school year, our entire building is being renovated in three different phases and two of those phases are occurring while students are in the building. To this point there has been little disruption to our learning environment given the scope of the work. The two on-site managers are professional, productive, and able to answer my questions as the project moves along. Massaro has my recommendation for this type of work in the future."

-Robert Scherrer, Ed. D., Principal at Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy

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-Leonard Corazzi, Director of Finance and Operations at Bethel Park School District

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