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Agency Construction Management

Agency CM is the industry term for our full suite of services. Serving as a conduit for all project stakeholders we deliver clear communication of accurate information and timely documentation.

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Our Agency CM Services begin with the inception of a project and continue all the way through building occupancy and establishing facility management systems.


Master Schedule

Because we know that a successful plan depends on the early input from all parties involved, we create the master schedule based on the collective input from all team members. This collaborative approach defines mutual goals and objectives, and also builds trust among the parties and establishes a shared commitment to the project.


Massaro CM Services’ architectural/structural and mechanical estimators will have regular team meetings to ensure that all aspects of the project have been properly addressed and evaluated.

Value Engineering and Constructability

Value engineering is a deliberate process that incorporates recommended changes into a design with the intent of lowering project cost with little, if any, impact on the overall scope or quality of the project.

Constructability and value engineering reviews occur throughout the design process, allowing the design team and construction manager to evaluate and research the impact of the recommendations throughout the evolution of the design. These recommendations, if accepted, can then easily be incorporated into the documents.

Construction Document Phase

The construction document phase is the final design phase. Our operations staff in conjunction with the owner and design team will work together to finalize the plans, schedules and bid packages.

Site Logistics Plan

This plan will include a written narrative along with a site plan to designate construction traffic routes, parking (owner and construction), emergency evacuation information, and general project layout. Careful planning with the project team will be needed to incorporate daily activities and schedules.

Bidding and Negotiating

Bid Preparation

In the construction document phase, the estimate will be converted to match the individual bid packages. This will provide the owner, the architect and Massaro the opportunity to evaluate the merits of the individual bid packages.

Bid Information

Massaro utilizes an online plan room to communicate with all bidders, subcontractors, vendors, project team and anyone else interested in project specific information.

Registered users receive regular email notifications when new information pertaining to the bidding process is available.

Pre-Bid Meeting

This meeting is held to answer questions and give the trades people an opportunity to see the project site.

Bid Award

Once the bids are accepted and evaluated, Massaro and the design team will make contract award recommendations to the Owner.

Construction Phase

Contractor Coordination

We provide a full-time, on-site, site manager who is responsible to coordinate, inspect and direct the work.

Project Meetings

Project meetings are conducted by Massaro’s project manager and will be scheduled and held weekly to coordinate the project team and to address questions and issues.


Procedures for expediting, tracking, processing, and distributing submittals (such as shop drawings and product information) and questions (request for information – RFI) will be implemented. These items will be closely scheduled with the architect to maintain the projected construction schedule.

Project Records

Data obtained from the prime contractors will be incorporated into a set of project records including drawings, specifications, and operating manuals. These will be delivered to the owner upon project completion.

Cost Control

Massaro will produce and deliver a monthly project summary report for the Owner that includes scheduling and cost updates.

Change Orders

Change orders will be evaluated by our estimating department, our Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Coordinators, our staff structural engineers and our staff architects to determine if the changes are warranted.

Site Logistics Plan 

This plan will include a written narrative along with a site plan to designate construction traffic routes, parking (owner and construction), emergency evacuation information, and general project layout. Careful planning with the project team will be needed to incorporate daily activities and schedules.

Safety and Health Program

A site-specific safety program will be established and implemented by Massaro’s on-site site manager to ensure compliance to all pertinent construction standards.

Quality Control Program

Massaro will inspect all work as it is being performed from start of construction to completion and final acceptance by the owner. This will ensure that materials and work are in compliance with the contract documents.

Emergency Management Plan

A plan will be designed to provide procedures for managing an emergency so that proper direction and control are maintained. This plan will be coordinated with the Owner and local emergency management entities.

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"I wish to express my appreciation to everyone at Massaro CM Services who worked on the PSU-HHD project with us. Each of the individual employees that I dealt with gave the sort of extra effort that exhibits personal pride in the work they do."

-Ben Hartzler, President of Mid-State Roofing and Coating, Inc.

"During the school year, our entire building is being renovated in three different phases and two of those phases are occurring while students are in the building. To this point there has been little disruption to our learning environment given the scope of the work. The two on-site managers are professional, productive, and able to answer my questions as the project moves along. Massaro has my recommendation for this type of work in the future."

-Robert Scherrer, Ed. D., Principal at Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy

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