The act of giving – community service and what it means

At our recent Day of Service, we used building materials supplied by 84 Lumber and our construction skills to build a deck for the Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard.

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill

Much of the news we get on a daily basis speaks to the plights of our citizens, and is a growing concern to many. While our economy is slowly rebounding, many of our communities continue to face hard times with diminishing federal and state funds and budgets that are inadequate to serve the needs of its residents. Many organizations and groups that provide important services for the elderly, our veterans, and the physically or mentally handicapped are being reduced, leaving many with nowhere to turn.

Have you ever wondered how you can help or get involved? The simple act of giving! By giving of one’s self for the benefit of others, there are many ways that we can provide much needed support to our communities. Start with helping individuals in your own neighborhood with tasks, or volunteering with an established group to help support their goals. Lastly, work with your employer to organize co-workers and resources to help needy individuals, families, or organizations within your communities. Many companies already have programs in place for such causes.

The benefits to those that volunteer are many; pride, a sense of satisfaction, and a feeling of accomplishment. None of these compare to unspoken words or the look in the eyes of those you have helped. Give it a try! Compassion for your fellow men and women is its own greatest reward.

How do you help/get involved in your community? We would love to hear—tell us in the comments!

Article by George Knoll, Senior Estimator

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