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Ever wonder who isn’t using an Ipad these days? Well you can officially take construction managers and general contractors off the list of non-users.

Although contractors are typically seen as being behind the curve of in terms of technology, Ipads are finally making their way into the field.

While the use of BIM in construction has been growing more common over the past few years, there is still a disconnect between the BIM effort led by a virtual construction coordinator and the actually installed work being overseen by superintendents. Meaning, a virtual construction coordinator could spend months in the office or in the trailer coordinating work with planners from each trade only to have that work lost in translation went handed over to foreman or superintendents. The use of Ipads and industry related apps helps to directly transfer information from the computer of an in-office VCC to the hands of an on-site superintendent.

Currently, Massaro is using Ipads in the field on four of our largest projects. Various apps allow our superintendents to have access to construction drawings, RFIs, submittals, mark-up tools, BIMs, and safety or QA/QC checklists. While new apps are being developed regularly, here are a few of the current construction related apps out there:

· Newforma – project information management software

· BIM 360 Field – construction field data management

· BIM 360 Glue – BIM coordination and management

· BIM 360 – cloud services

· Prolog – construction project management software

· AutoCAD 360 – .dwg format drawing viewer

Soon we will see the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ can help to answer many of the problems related to communication and workflow in the construction process; and with Ipads costing less than a half size set of drawings, they will quickly become another tool commonly seen around the construction site.

Article by Alyssa Kuhns, VDC Engineer

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