To the Cloud!

We live in a mobile and connected world, and as a result the way buildings are designed and built is changing.

Imagine being able to access files, drawings, or BIM models being worked on in an office miles away, while on a construction site from your phone or tablet. That and much more is possible by making the move to the cloud. Many companies and software packages now offer internet based cloud services which include file storage, viewing and editing tools, collaboration capabilities, and infinite computing power that was previously not possible.

Once files are in the cloud, the traditional design sharing workflow changes. Files, drawings, and BIM models in the cloud can be shared between team members, where you can invite them to view, markup, share, and download designs directly. Files move from desktop to web browsers to mobile applications seamlessly with users having the ability to access files from computers, tablets, or phones. Cloud users have the ability to stay constantly connected with the most up to date information for decision making anytime, anywhere.

Working in the cloud can help to create a more social and collaborative workflow, where users can follow and comment on the ongoing activity of a file or project in a social media format. Cloud based workflows streamline communication, and creates a better informed project team.

Massaro strives to be an industry leader, and is using the cloud to increase our productivity, efficiency, and collaboration on many of our projects by using:

  • Autodesk 360 – file sharing, replaces a locally stored FTP site
  • Google Drive – Creating and sharing documents for comments and revisions
  • BIM 360 Field – Checklist, drawings, and document management for construction projects on the iPad and desktop
  • BIM 360 Glue – BIM models on the iPad for review and markup, continual & collaborative trade coordination in the cloud
  • 360 Rendering – renderings and animations are rendered on the cloud processors, freeing up local hardware

How is the cloud changing the way you do business?

Article by Alicia Schneider, VDC Engineer

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